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Zim, southern Africa food crisis worsens in 2020

Farai Mabeza ZIMBABWE, together with the rest of the southern African region, is expected to face high food deficit in 2020 due to the continued effects of the 2018/19 drought compounded by a poor forecast...

Bee farming, the panacea to Zim’s disappearing wooded savannah

Problem Masau As the vehicle negotiates across the rugged terrains of Hurungwe District, scores of stumps and fallen trees could be seen in the once densely populated bushes, the situation threatening to worsen each farming...

A look into Conservation Agriculture and China’s model

Farai Mabeza CONSERVATION agriculture is built on three principles – minimum soil disturbance, permanent soil cover and crop rotation – that are known to reduce erosion, improve soil quality, conserve water, reduce fuel costs and,...
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