Afdis relaunches Gold Blend Black

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Itai Ndongwe 
HARARE – African Distillers a Zimbabwe Stock Exchange-listed company, relaunched a premium Gold Blend Black (GBB) last Friday last week, as it seeks to increase its market share in the spirits segment.
Gold Blend Black is a brand that has been available for a while, adding to Afidis’ well-known products such as 4th Street wine and ciders (Hunters and Savanna).
According to Afdis, the new GBB has been premiumized to match the intrinsic trendy with unique bottle secondary packaging to complete the look.
“Premiumized packaging to match the intrinsic trendy and unique bottle secondary packaging to complete the look.  The pack has changed. We have stepped up! The intrinsic has remained exactly the same (A Fine Blend oF Scotch and local malt whiskies )and yes, we have added a secondary pack to complete the look.
“We left nothing on the table in terms of quality. Our packaging is top class—we do not take our consumers for granted; they understand class. We really are walking the talk when it comes to whisky in this country, ” said the managing director, Stanley Muchenje.
The recommended retail price is $8, and the product is available in all liquor stores.
Following the commissioning of its 1 million-cider plant, the company said that it has begun cider fermentation.
Afdis is also working with farmers to revive grape production in the country, which will allow the company to produce its own local wines and spirits.“ We are working with farmers to support and resuscitate grape production in the country.”
Wine volumes increased by 30% in the trading update for the quarter ended 30 June 2022, while spirits and ready-to-drink volumes increased by 23 and 12%, respectively.

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