Ambassador Almassri denounces the Israeli attack on humanitarian aid.


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Dr. Tamer Almassri, the Ambassador of Palestine, strongly condemns the Israeli occupation forces for their brutal massacre of starving Palestinian civilians awaiting humanitarian aid at the AL Nabulsi Roundabout in Gaza this morning. He calls for an immediate ceasefire to safeguard civilians, as the attack resulted in at least 150 casualties and over 1,000 injuries.

Alleging premeditated intent, Dr. Almassri accuses Israel of committing a horrific massacre as part of a broader framework of genocide and ethnic cleansing in Gaza. Despite the victims seeking food and aid, the Israeli army allegedly killed them deliberately, revealing an intentional act of starvation that demands accountability for war crimes and genocide.

The Gaza Strip faces widespread hunger and severe malnutrition, affecting approximately 2.2 million Palestinians due to the destruction of food supplies and strict restrictions on the flow of essential goods by Israel. This tragic event underscores the Israeli government’s disregard for international law in protecting civilians, presenting new evidence of their alleged genocidal policies and forced displacement.

Dr. Almassri points out the moral and legal failure of the global system and countries claiming commitment to peace, the two-state solution, and human rights principles. The Palestinian people’s ongoing suffering, exacerbated by Israeli actions, highlights the inadequacies in addressing the situation.

Since the beginning of Israeli aggression on Gaza on October 7, the toll includes 30,000 civilian deaths (70% women and children), with 7,000 still under rubble and 70,215 others injured. Additionally, 135 journalists and 152 UN staff have lost their lives, and 90% of Gaza’s homes, government offices, UN facilities, and hospitals have been destroyed.

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