Beer prices up

Delta beer 900x506
Delta beer 900x506

Farai Mabeza

DELTA Beverages has increased wholesale prices for its alcoholic beverages by more than 80 percent on selected brands.

According to the new price list gleaned by The Anchor, quarts for brown bottles such as the Castle and Lion lager brands have been increased to $243.67 per case or $20.30 per bottle.

The same were going for $196 per case or $16.33.

Pints for the brown bottles have gone up to $272.91 a crate.

New wholesale prices for green bottle quarts – Zambezi, Pilsener, Castle Lite and Bohlingers – have been increased to 2. coca aspirine viagra 41 per crate.

A case of 330 ml cans of Castle or Lion Lagers made up of 24 units is now at $323.79.

A pack of Zambezi, Pilsener, Castle Lite or Bohlingers 440 mls cans has been put at $364.27.

Pilsener, Zambezi, Castle Lite or Bohlingers non-returnable bottles pack is now $364.27.

Sorghum beer brand Chibuku Super 1.25 litre six pack is now at $79.6 which will be same as for 1.5 litre Scud Chibuku pack.

Delta corporate affairs executive Patricia Murambinda refused to comment on the recent increases.


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