Delta puts up USD$12K garden for the elderly

Delta’s general manager (corporate affairs) Ms. Patricia Murambinda

By Itai Ndongwe

Beverage Giant, Delta Corporate continues to spread its commitment wings by creating a positive influence on the community after it donated a USD$12000 greenhouse at Melfort Old People’s Home yesterday

The donation comes when the Home’s old greenhouse was destroyed by a veld fire.

Delta’s general manager (corporate affairs) Patricia Murambinda said, “It was an unfortunate experience, but we thank God that no human life was lost. I have learned that if Delta Corporation commits to do something, it will not rest until the same thing is delivered.

“Today, we celebrate this milestone as we restore what has been lost. The company, she said, will continue supporting the home in different ways,” he said

The Catholic Home manager, Daniel Francis, expressed gratitude to Delta for returning joy at Melfort after the greenhouse and residence were destroyed by fire last year.

“We are grateful to Delta for all they have been doing for us in the past years and here at Melfort Old People’s Home, we have different projects that help us to cater to the elderly people, so when the greenhouse was destroyed last year, it has heartbreaking, “he said.

Speaking at the event, Father Kenneth Muguti stated that Delta’s gift goes beyond the scope of corporate social responsibility.

“This gesture is not just a corporate social responsibility but shows (humanity) as expected from the community to their elderly. These people were once young as we are and one day, we are also going to be old as they are. It is our collective role to look after them as we celebrate the gift of life,” said Muguti

Delta Beverages’ compassionate work has restored life and happiness to the hearts of these cherished senior individuals. The greenhouse has become a symbol of the transformational power of selfless acts and modest gestures.

Delta resurrected self-sustaining projects at Melfort Old Peoples Home as part of their many CSR initiatives, where the corporation handed over items worth millions of dollars over the last two years to revive the much-needed vegetable, poultry, and fish fingerlings projects at Melfort Old Peoples Home in Melfort near Ruwa.

The residence now has 20 elderly residents, 18 males, and two females, with the oldest person, Blande Jamba, being 103 years old and the youngest, Simon Murenga, being 72 years old.


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