Half of youth lack clear understanding of climate change.



By staff Reporter

While most children and young people have heard of climate change, only half of them understand what it is. A UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) survey found that while 85 percent of young people aged 15-24 in 55 countries have heard of climate change, only half actually understand what it is.

A number young people cannot differentiate between seasonal changes in weather that occur every year and more extreme weather events and a rise in average world temperatures resulting from human activity” to gauge their knowledge of climate change.

Young people around the world have been leading the charge in fighting climate change. They’ve been rallying in the streets and pushing for action in meetings. But there’s still work to be done to make sure every kid knows just how serious this problem is for their future.

The educational system must commit to ensuring children and young people are educated on the problem, considered in discussions, and engaged in decisions that will shape their lives for decades to come.

The survey showed that knowledge about climate change is especially low in countries with lower incomes. These are the places that are often hit hardest by the effects of climate change. So, it’s crucial to reach out to these communities and make sure young people there understand what’s happening and how they can be part of the solution.

One initiative trying to bridge this gap is The Feed ZW’s #ClimateInAMinute web series in Zimbabwe. This series focuses on educating young people in Mashonaland East about the climate crisis. It’s all about hearing from the youth themselves: what they know about climate change and what ideas they have for getting involved in climate education and raising awareness.

In the end, it’s clear: the country and the educational system needs to work together to make sure every young person understands the urgent need to tackle climate change. From classrooms to communities, from city streets to online platforms, educating and engaging young people is key to securing a better future for us all.

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