New medical application to assist people during lockdown

Government efforts to curb the rate of infection from the COVID-19 virus are bearing fruit with cases dropping by almost 50 percent
Government efforts to curb the rate of infection from the COVID-19 virus are bearing fruit with cases dropping by almost 50 percent
Maxwell Chingaira
FinTech Startup, Uyppy Analytica has today launched an application called My House Doctor (MHD) to assist  people during the lockdown period.
This innovation means a medical doctor is now just a tap away with the easy, fast and convenient MHD application.
The MHD service which is now live in Harare and Bulawayo ensures that patients now have the option of using an application to find a doctor and have a video consultation.
The app also has a fully functional house call service enabling the doctor to come to your door. This function has however been disabled for the launch until the COVID 19 lockdown has lapsed. mectizan pharmacie
The service connects doctors and patients alike in real time, and reduces wait times for access to GP’s, for patients who would typically be queuing in clinics, hospitals or waiting for an appointment in doctors rooms.
“ We engaged extensively with doctors locally when we introduced the service and during initial testing”, said Ponciano Makombore, Director of Innovation at Uyppy Analytica.
MHD offers great convenience to its customers. It is even more beneficial for the elderly, children and those too weak to travel.
The launch of this service in Zimbabwe is the result of a collaboration between a consortium of doctors in Zimbabwe and Uyppy Analytica, a fintech and digital technology services company, bringing the My House Doctor technology platform, and the voucher payment solution to Zimbabwe.
This service was presented to the Medical and Dental Practitioners Council of Zimbabwe in January 2020 and was given a thumbs up.
 “We are excited to bring this innovative solution to support governments’ efforts in the delivery of health care to Zimbabwe” said Ndarukwa, a member of the consortium of Doctors, driving the rollout.
In support of the fight against COVID19, the My House Doctor app and its Doctors are offering FREE VIDEO CONSULTATION for the duration of the lockdown. ivermectina gocce
This will help to limit movement of patients and ensure that patients continue to access medical care during these unprecedented times.
The service also offers convenience in terms of payment. Anyone, whether you are in Zimbabwe, or in the diaspora, can book directly on the app, choose a doctor and then schedule a time and pay using debit or credit card or voucher.
Vouchers can be purchased through a Uyppy Coin Trader in South Africa. ivermectin tablets for humans uk Vouchers can be purchased for friends or family at home, to use at their leisure, the system will sms the voucher number directly to the recipient mobile.
“With the advent of the COVID-19 virus, we believe our video consultation tool may prove to be a great contributor to the fight against this pandemic”. commented Nico Pillay –COO of My House Doctor.
Users are encouraged to give the service a try by downloading the app from Google Playstore or Apple iStore.

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