Trade between Zimbabwe, Rwanda grows


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Bilateral trade between Rwanda and Zimbabwe has increased over the past four years, contributing to the economic growth of both countries.

Over the past four years, bilateral trade between Rwanda and Zimbabwe has increased by more than 50%, marking a substantial growth trajectory for the country against attaining the upper middle-income economy by 2030.

The two-day Rwanda-Zimbabwe Business Forum began today (Monday May 27), with both governments strengthening its cooperation by signing more memorandums of understanding in key sectors.

The two governments signed and assessed MoUs that are related in trade and investment, tourism, agriculture, mineral resources, exchange of educational personnel and expertise, climate change and media, among other areas.

Since the establishment of the co-operation Zimbabwean enterprises have injected upwards of US$38 million into Rwanda, underscoring a burgeoning economic collaboration. with, eight Rwandan firms commenced activities in Zimbabwe across key sectors such as energy, information technology, and agro-processing. This signals a diversified expansion of business interests.

The fourth interaction since 2021, stands as a testament to the commitment of both nations towards cementing their trade ties between the two countries. Coordinated jointly by the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) and the National Trade Development and Promotion Organization of Zimbabwe, the forum holds the explicit objective of enhancing and solidifying the trade relations existing between Rwanda and Zimbabwe.

Foreign affairs and international trade Chief Director Pearson Chigiji said, the cooperation between Zimbabwe and Rwanda in the area of trade and investment has been on an upward trajectory.

Rwanda Energy Group and ZESA concluded the pilot street lighting initiative in Harare and wrapped up advisory services for the access masterplan.  Rwandan Ambassador James Musoni said a number of new projects are in progress.

“I believe that our meeting in the next two days will deliberate and finalize the timelines for the outstanding Memoranda of Understanding and draft Implementation plans and consider many aspects of our cooperation profoundly,” said Musoni.

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