Zimbabwe Ranked 157 In Corruption Perception Index


Zimbabwe has remained unchanged in the Corruption Perception Index for the past two years.

The 2022 Corruption Perceptions Index score for Zimbabwe is 23/100 and is ranked number 157 out of 180 countries.

Transparency International Zimbabwe Board Chair Isheanesu Chirisa expressed dismay over how Zimbabwean have accepted corruption

Corruption in Zimbabwe appears to have gained functional acceptance, implicit, entrenched and justified in phrases such as ‘It’s our turn to eat’.Hanzi mbudzi inodya payakasungirwa – ko vasinakusungirwa vodii, vachadyei ?

Board member of the Zimbabwe Human and Civinet Director, Mr Wellington Mbofana urged the government to wiery on state security which is affected by corruption.

“Corruption undermines rule of law, compromises law enforcement and in the process creates a fertile ground for the crime which degenerates into organized criminal activities. It is now common knowledge that in the past five years Zimbabwe has witnessed alarming levels of organised crimes spearheaded by members with backgrounds in and links to the security sector especially the police and the military. Turf wars like the Mupedzanhamo flea market, taxi ranks, gold claims,” he said.

Transparency International launched the report with the theme“Corruption, Conflict and Security” highlighting the idea that corruption can undermine political, social and economic stability, and ultimately threaten the peace, safety and security of all people

This year’s Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) reveals that 124 countries have stagnant corruption levels, while the number of countries in decline is increasing. This has the most serious consequences, as global peace is deteriorating and corruption is both a key cause and result of this.

The Sub-Saharan Africa region remains the lowest performer on the CPI, with an average score of 32. Forty-four of the 49 countries assessed still score below 50, and significant declines in many countries outweigh the gains made in a few.

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