CNRG After Zim Gold

Farai Maguwu
Farai Maguwu

Zimbabwe Natural Resource Forum (ZNRF) and Centre for Natural Resources Governance (CNRG) petitioned  the Parliament of Zimbabwe to exercise its roles and ensure artisinal mining on the Mutare river is put to halt

Addressing the media after submitting the appeal today in the capital, the coalition Spokesperson Fungai Nhaitai, blamed Zim Gold for destroying the Mutare water body

“On Mutare Riverbed and alluvial mining activities have continued unabated, with Zim-Gold mining (Belarusian Company) and over 4000 artisinal miners destroying the water body which served as a source of livelihood for many living along it”

“Riverbed mining is taking place from Premier Estate turn along Nyanga Road to premier Estate, despite the existence of various governments with the administrative authority to enforce policies to regulate the management of the environment and mining in Zimbabwe there is ongoing riverbed mining by artisanal miners in the Mutare River,” he said

The two accuse Zim-Gold and artisinal miners for creating compounds that block the flow of water to allow mining in turn affects the livelihoods of the proximity settlements which rely much on water

In September 2020 the Zimbabwean Cabinet took a decision to ban river bed and alluvial mining on all rivers, except Save and Angwa Rivers.

ZNRG and CNRG called the Parliament of Zimbabwe to

”Exercise its oversight role as enunciated in Section 119 of the Zimbabwean Constitution and hold the Ministry of Mines and Mining Development, Ministry of Environment  Tourism and Hospitality and The Environmental Management Agency accountable and ensure the destruction to Mutare River is stopped”

“Ensure mining activities on the Mutare River are stopped, in line with the Cabinet decision of the 8th of September 2020”

“to determine whether EMA is properly discharging its duties in the monitoring of environmental management along Mutare River”

“to make an inquiry on the ongoing mining activities and determine the impact they are having on the environment and the community of Premier Estate”



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