ED relaxes lockdown restrictions

President Mnangagwa
President Mnangagwa

Davison Kaiyo and Reason Razao

Government has relaxed COVID-19 national lockdown restrictions with President Mnangagwa announcing Monday afternoon exemption letters for movement are no longer a requirement.

In his State of the Nation Address, President Mnangagwa said schools, colleges and universities must be prepared to open as the country moves to normalcy.

He also adjusted the curfew moving it to between 10pm and 530am while supermarkets can now remain open up to 7pm to reduce congestion.

Mnangagwa, however, warned against profiteering from COVID-19 vaccines saying private entities that imported vaccines must be prepared to provide them for free.

He said this when he addressed the nation in the state of the nation address on the COVID19 lockdown measures when he announced the lifting of major lockdown measure.

“The vaccination will be administered for free. Private entities and organizations who want to procure the vaccine for their staff or members must be prepared to distribute the vaccine for free. Government will not allow any profiteering from the vaccination programme,” he said

Highlights of the address

  • Curfew adjusted from 10PM-530AM (from 8PM)


  • No more letters needed for movement


  • Funeral gatherings to remain 30 people


  • Supermarkets open up to 7PM


  • Industry to reopen under COVID-19 guidelines


  • Food markets and informal sectors can reopen


  • Schools must prepare to open and put in place measures allow safety


  • Universities and colleges must also be prepared to open


  • Intercity travel to resume


  • Bars, clubs, gyms remain closed


  • Restaurants open only for takeaways.


  • Other social gatherings to resume but not exceed 50 people.


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