It’s Chiwenga’s money says Marry as she applies for bail  


Xolisani Ncube

Vice President Chiwenga’s wife Marry Mubaiwa has implicated her estranged husband on the externalisation charges she is facing claiming that she was clean and the former army general must be arrested for money laundering, if a crime was ever committed.

In papers filed at the High Court for her bail application, Marry said some of the money she allegedly externalised belongs to Chiwenga.

Chiwenga is also a complainant together with the state in the case with Marry claiming that he should also be arrested on similar charges.

“On the charge of externalisation of money to China, the state has only evidence of one witness that the appellant will challenge at trial.

“She will state that the witness would not have any basis to assume or allege that the money was moved illegally nor is the witness telling the truth.

“The money does not belong to the appellant, and in fact, it was money belonging to her husband, who should be the person in the dock assuming an offence, was committed,” read part of the papers filed by Mtetwa and Nyambirai Legal Practitioners on behalf of the incarcerated Marry.

The embattled wife of the ex-army general has approached the High Court seeking admission to bail after the magistrate court denied her saying she would flee the country if granted bail.

The ex-model and businesswoman challenged the state to investigate the source of her funds that she allegedly externalized or laundered.

Marry faces six counts of illegally externalizing funds, five for money laundering and one for fraud where she allegedly forged a marriage certificate.

She also faces a charge of attempted murder.

In the papers, the lawyers stated that Marry was suitable for bail as she was ill and this was even confirmed by the investigating officer when she appeared at the magistrate court.

Marry, in her bail application, has disputed the allegations that she wanted to assassinate her husband saying the allegations were laughable and hold no water.

She states that the allegations are a concoction by her estranged husband working in cahoots with state security agents because they are divorcing.

“Laughable is the so-called last exhibit. The state says it has a photograph of a blooded shirt that the Vice President was wearing.

“Surely an exhibit of that nature, despite it being merely of circumstantial relevance would have been kept and safeguarded.

“A photograph of a blooded t-shirt remains a photograph. It proves nothing and cannot override primary evidence.

“One is reminded of the saying that surely when a hyena wants to eat its children, it first accuses them of smelling like goats.”

Marry also challenged the jurisdiction of the alleged crime saying if it indeed happened, the South African Police Service should be the one probing the matter.

To be admitted to bail, Marry proposed that she pays $10 000 and was agreeable to any condition set out by the High Court.

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