No to violence – MDC-T Harare chairman

MDC-T Harare provincial chairman denounces hate speech
MDC-T Harare provincial chairman has denounced hate speech

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The recently elected MDC-T chairperson for Harare has called for unity and respect from all supporters while calling for non-violent co-existence with colleagues from other political parties.

Speaking after being elected in a gap-feeling exercise for the party in Harare, Zivai Mhetu paid tribute to members of the re-constituted Harare provincial executive committee for electing him to lead the province. افلام سباق سيارات الشوارع

Mhetu said unity among all Zimbabweans could help overcome problems facing Harare.

“Violence, insults and ridicule have no place in my style of leadership. I believe in unity of purpose, constructive criticism, use of brains, rational disputation and dialogue as alluded to by our party President Douglas Mwonzora. I will not treat political opponents as enemies but as prospective members who will join our great institution in the near future,” he said.

He said his rein in Harare would be centred on three pillars.

These would include, the party, leadership and Harare residents.

“I will work to consolidate and develop movable and immovable assets of the party as well as strengthen governance systems of the party such as various committees/organs which regulate activities of the party in Harare Province.

“The leadership being the glue that holds the party at every level. I will lead Harare Province structures in a massive recruitment drive, capacity building, fundraising, business and community projects.

“Hararians deserve a better quality of life. بلاك جاك 21 Working hand-in-glove with councilors, I will ensure that amenities and service delivery receive my undivided attention. كازينو رويال


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