The Zimbabwe National Gazelles Programme for SME’s launched


A Small to Medium Enterprises  programme designed  to  support  and accelerate the growth of the sector had been launched. The Zimbabwe National Gazelles Programme was launched buy Kukura Business Accelerator in partnership with SA partner Mtiya Dynamics.

The programme will run for a period of 3 years and every year, 100 finalists will be chosen.

From that list, the Top 60 will be selected to benefit from a range of support activities and  interventions  to  ensure  that  they  operate  as  close  as  possible  to  their  maximum potential. The main objective, is to develop them to  become medium sized companies within an agreed period of time.

The  impact  of  the  Covid-19  pandemic  around  the  world  has  highlighted  the  need  for support for high growth SMEs in various jurisdictions.  It is SMEs that have put in place risk management systems and growth strategies that will weather this storm!

When this painful period is over, the lower level SMEs will largely depend on high growth SMEs to source their inputs from them. It is thus vital, that this program kicks off in earnest during this Covid-19 period. عاوز لعبه العربيات

Post  Covid-19,  there  will  be  competition  for  local  and  international  funding  and  as  a result only companies that have potential to survive post this period will be prioritized! العب طاولة 31 This speaks to high growth entities in our view.

Zimbabwe National Gazelles is inviting Small to Medium Enterprises from the country’s 12   provinces   to   join  the   initiative  which  is   targeted   at  businesses   that  are  100% Zimbabwe  owned,  established  and  in  operation  for  at  least  2  years,  with  an  annual turnover  of  at  least  ZWL$1.5million.

The program includes intensive business workshops, coaching and mentoring, access to funding and markets, ensuring that the SMEs that are enrolled receive the support they require to evolve and grow.

Judith  Kuster,  Program  Spokesperson  said   the  programme was  an adaptation of the tried and tested South African programme. بايير بنك   “The  government  of  Zimbabwe  through  the  Ministry  of  Women’s  Affairs, Community, Small and Medium Enterprises Development supports the program as it is in line with Government’s 2030 vision for Zimbabwe to become a middle income country by then.”

Zimbabwe National Gazelles works with partners across sectors to ensure delivery of the total package. ZB Bank is the official Banker to the Zimbabwe National Gazelles Program as the bank is supporting the program budget as well as offering relevant SME advisory services.

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