Another Apolojersy for Alister


Zimbabwe social media activist Alistar Chibanda has once again, made an apology to Nyaradzo, General Manager through a letter dated 29 November 2022

In October Chibanda took Nyaradzo Funeral Services by its horns down on social media, citing their alleged poor business and unfair practices

“We regret there are people who invaded my inbox with comments against Nyaradzo Group with unfounded malicious allegations of business malpractices which are not factual”

“I have gone through the tweets and I realized that the comments I made were factually incorrect and defaming. I did not intend to tarnish or damage the CEO’s good name, or the good name of Nyaradzo Company” reads the letter

Chibanda who commands a following of a plus 13 000 on the micro-blogging site has since deleted his “slanderous” tweets

“I would like to sincerely apologize for my actions and the tweets have been removed from my Twitter handle,” he said in the latter 

When he shared his letter on social media one of his Chibanda’s followers believed that he was bullied to make a retraction
One Garikai Goremasandu “Hanzi you were bullied to issue a retraction, is it true,” said Garikai Goremusandu on Twitter 

The fingertip campaign resulted in the Insurance Pensions Commission (IPEC) issuing a statement. 

IPEC said it had taken note of the grievances raised by the public and would engage with funeral assure-rs regarding the design and pricing of their products

Chibanda on his micro-blogging site bio quotes Mathew 5;13-14 and claims to be the light and salt of the earth, but has proved to be a darker cloud and sand in organizations

Earlier in November Chibanda issued another public apology to NASSA General Manager Arthur Manase for defamation of character 

Chibanda is a prophet, Founder, and President of the Liberation Faith Church (Faith Embassy)

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