Mwonzora Chickens Out


Movement for Democratic Change President Douglas Mwonzora has pulled out of the presidential elections to be held on the 23rd of this Month

Speaking at his party offices in the Capital today, Mwonzora said that his party has taken a bold withdrawal decision to withdraw from participating in the presidential elections.

“With the concurrence of the members of my party, we are boycotting this fuss, we are boycotting this shame, we are boycotting this presidential election.

“We came to this conclusion after serious consideration, after looking at our founding values, our aim as the MDC is to take over the Governmental power in a peaceful democratic and constitutional means and govern differently to change the lives of the Zimbabwean people for the better,” said Mwonzora

He promised his supporters that they will keep the paltry number of House of Assembly contestants

“We are left with only 24 constituency candidates even if our presidential candidate was to win, he will be a one-win president because he will not be controlling parliament and the majority,” he said

“The Zimbabwe Elections Commission was advised of the decision and we expect to act in accordance with the law. The law says they have to gazette and they should not include my name on the ballot paper” he added

Mwonzora’s withdrawal decision leaves 11 candidates including Saviour Kasukuwere whose fate is yet to be decided by the courts.

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