Bikita Minerals halts operations



The Government has forced Bikita Minerals (Private) Limited to put its operations on hold

The development was announced in a communique released by the mining company today (15 May 2023)

“This notice serves to inform our stakeholders and partners that we have put our operation on hold for seven days to address administrative concerns raised by authorities at our plant”

The areas of concern that the government raised included labor administration, mines, and mining administrative and safety issues, migration/immigration status of foreign employees, social security

“As a law-abiding corporate, we remain committed to comply with all requirements of the law fully and expect to resume operations once all the outstanding issues have been addressed” reads the statement

The mining company has asked its 860 workers to stay at home during the seven-day exercise

“During this 7-day period All employees are to stay at their homes and residences except for those in care and maintenance. Those on essential services will be required to perform their prescribed duties” says the statement


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