Mahachi Finally Off The Hook: Blames Baby Mama and Siblings


Zimbabwe’s South African-based soccer star Kudakwashe Mahachi who was acquitted by the courts over the case of child abuse and attempted murder has blamed his estranged wife and sister for a setback in his career

In a communique released by Mahachi claims that he has been let down by his family members whom he trusted to take care of his son Diego

“My son Diego was a victim of negligence at the hands of family members who were meant to look after him at my home in Bulawayo. He was diagnosed with Ulcer Sepsis Necrotic (the so-called“flesh-eating disease” which is rare but serious infection) the ulcers were on his scalp and his leg, when Diego returned to Zimbabwe on April 14, he was in the care of my sister who lives in my home in Cowdry Park. After a few days there his condition began to deteriorate.

My sisters decided to self-medicate him by having a local doctor. It was only when his septic ulcers explored that he was rushed to the Hospital”

“Once examined, medical experts, ruled the condition was spreading so fast his leg would have to be amputated. My sisters were questioned on why they took so long to seek medical help and I don’t know if it was out of fear of being charged with negligence but they proceeded to state that Diego had returned from South Africa in that state” he said

The soccer star goes on to blame the bitter baby mama for abusing him for a long period

“ I have silently been a victim of bitter ex-lover for so long, she accused me of kidnapping and smuggling my child, yet each time he visited me in South Africa on three separate occasions he returned in perfect health. I have been fighting many battles behind the scenes with Diego’s mother”

“she had been demanding maintenance of three children, of which one died from hydrocephalus. I have been paying maintenance for years without question till we took paternity tests for all three, which then revealed that only Diego was my biological son”

He went on to accuse his mother-in-law of swearing to destroy his career demanding money and his Cowdray park house after he stopped to pay maintenance

“I stopped maintenance and this infuriated Maritha (Diego’s mother) and her mother, who swore to destroy me. She went on to demand I pay her 2.5 million rands. Even when the false accusations were being levelled against me they demanded I give them in my house in Cowdray Park to end all this, I refused and decided to go to trial and have my day in court” he added

Mahachi was taken by social media and accused of using his four-year-old son for rituals in his 15year old soccer career

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