Maisha Health and Cancerserve Trust launch cancer treatment fund


HARARE – Cassava Smartech’s Maisha Health has unveiled a new partnership with Cancerserve Trust, which seeks to assist Zimbabweans living with cancer

Through the partnership, Maisha has committed a portion of its monthly revenue to supporting cancer treatment of patients inZimbabwe’s public hospitals through the Cancerserve Trust.

Announcing the ground-breaking partnership, Cassava Smartech chief executive Eddie Chibi said the company will continue using innovation to address pressing societal issues and to support worthy causes. كازينو اون لاين 888

“Cassava Smartech will, through its brands, continue to do well by doing good; to use innovation to offer sustainable, technology-driven solutions that impact people’s lives – including those fighting cancer or undergoing cancer treatment,” Mr Chibi said.

The Founder and Chair of Cancerserve Trust Anna Nyakabau,hailed Maisha for partnering with her Trust, calling upon corporates and other organisations to follow suit.

“We are very grateful to Maisha for this partnership and call upon other corporates to join hands with Cancerserve Trust in bridging the funding gaps in cancer awareness, screening and treatment in this country,” Nyakabau said, adding that the Maisha-Cancerserve Trust fund would primarily target breast, cervical, prostate and colorectal cancers, which are the most prevalent cancers.

The partnership comes as Zimbabwe joins the rest of the world this month (October) in commemorating World Breast Cancer awareness month, which is also recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Nyakabau said cancer prevalence was high in Zimbabwe, currently estimated to be affecting over 36 in every 100 000 people, compared to around 6 in every 100 000 in developed nations. She said she believed the partnership with Maisha would help bring that ratio down.

WHO says the majority of breast cancer deaths occur in low and middle-income countries, where most women with breast cancer are diagnosed in its late stages, mainly due to lack of awareness on early detection as well as due to barriers to treatment and health services.

Maisha leverages innovative mobile technologies to raise awareness, promote wellness and enhance health services delivery, reaching over a million people that are subscribed to the services in Zimbabwe and other African countries.

Nyakabau said the partnership with Maisha would strengthen Cancerserve Trust’s vision of bringing together corporates, medical professionals, cancer survivors and healthcare stakeholders to raise awareness of the various cancer ailments and lobby for resources to stem the tide of the disease in Zimbabwe.

Maisha delivers daily heath education and advice for healthy living and wellness via the mobile phone. bein out q By subscribing to the service, users get the most relevant and tailored health education on a wide variety of topics, ranging from stress management, weight loss, oral health, diabetes and many more, in English and in local languages. العاب قمار حقيقي  Working with local cancer specialists, Maisha has developed a new cancer content package that raises cancer awareness, prevention, early detection and treatment.

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