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HARARE  – Author Makandire Luckson Chezhira Chikutu has urged government to foster several cultural programmes in different parts of the country as a way of promoting culture and identity.

Chikutu said this while reflecting on the success of his newly launched book, “Flashback Identity” that was launched in Sweden last week.

“The government should come up with programmes that make sure our culture and identity reaches many people in the world. Most people especially Americans love African culture and it can be instrumental towards generating revenue in the continent. So for Zimbabwe our culture is appreciated out there so we need to monitise it,” he said.

The launch, which coincided with the author’s birthday celebrations, came after calls to translate the book for a greater reach.

The author said while he was working to strike deals with local publishing houses,  the book is available on several social media platforms.
“This has been a big birthday present both to me and to you. I urge you to support me, so that we can have young people who can keep on the good work,” he said.

“Flashback Identity” narrates Manluckerz’s life history while encompassing tales of some of the greatest musicians to come from Zimbabwe he met during his career, among them the late Oliver Mtukudzi, The Bhundu Boys, the late Andy Brown,  Thomas Mapfumo and the late Leonard Dembo, among others.

It also describes the music business and how music and dance have
influenced humanity.

Chikutu encourages Zimbabweans to document their history.

“As Zimbabweans we should learn to document our family history going
back to our ancestors who lived in the era of Mbuya Nehanda, Chaminuka
and Herbert Chitepo; documenting our ways of life and culture.”

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