Harare City seeks to restore service delivery

Tichaona Mhetu
City of Harare Finance and Development Committee chairperson Tichavona Mhetu

Munyaradzi Doma

The Harare City Council has come up with a one-year, five-point stabilisation plan which is aimed at improving council operations in a bid to restore service delivery.

Presenting Harare City’s 2021 budget last week, Councillor Tichaona Mhetu, who is also the chairperson of the Finance and Development Committee said some of the strategies will be difficult but necessary if the city is to develop.

He was presenting Harare’s billion capital and revenue budget pegged at billion and billion respectively. إدين هازارد

Mhetu said the plan is being developed and will be launched after consulting various stakeholders.

“The five-point plan is an intensive, compressed and comprehensive one-year plan that aims to stabilise council’s macro-environment and enhance efficiencies of council’s operations.

“This is going to be a very painful pill to swallow and like the Transitional Stabilisation Plan, is not going to be favoured by some of the stakeholders who were benefiting from malpractices and council shortcomings. The Plan is going to be a reliable phenomenon in 2021,” he said.

One of the city’s strategies includes what has been termed “stop the bleeding” where the city fathers are aiming to plug all financial leakages.

The plan includes “eradicating corruption, eliminating all celebrated land thieves (barons), space mafias and urban mafias taking over council operations, managing costs and ending nepotism.”

Mhetu said Harare would maximize on revenue by “updating our general valuation roll, efficient tariff modelling and billing, exploitation of all new revenue streams and enhanced debt recovery.”

He said operational and technical efficiency; through effective project management, Efficient Project Implementation (EPI), restore infrastructure, allocative efficiencies, focus on priority programmes and efficient service delivery in all sectors, would be the target.

“Employee motivation and productivity: through human resource reforms, optimum manpower utilisation, enhanced IRBM performance management system and a fair and competitive remuneration framework and ending nepotism in employment, promotions and staff development and encouraging innovation.”

Mhetu said council would also employ good governance by restoring public confidence in council administration through effective leadership, performance culture, adherence to standard operating procedures, administrative and political leadership conflict resolutions, stakeholder management, transparency and accountability.

This comes at a time the city has been dogged by various negative issues, chief among them arrest of top officials including the then Mayor Hebert Gomba, Town Clerk Hosea Chisango, housing director Eddie Nhekairo, city engineer Zvenyika Chawatama and several others.

All the arrests were linked to allegations of corruption and have negatively affected council’s reputation with residents questioning leadership capability or lack thereof at Town House.

As if that was not enough, residents have continued to be fleeced by land barons right under the City Fathers’ noses while wetlands and land earmarked for other purposes including open spaces has continued to be invaded. خدمة عملاء كونكر

Harare is owed more than billion in debts for rates and services. ألعاب النت

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