Landlady kidnaps tenant’s baby

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827767 shutterstock 1422260592

Munyaradzi Doma

An Epworth woman who connived with her friend to kidnap her tenant’s 11-months-old son before demanding US$600 ransom has been jailed for 18 months.

Forget Kavara (33) and Anthia Gatawa (36) had initially been slapped with two-year jail sentences before the court suspended six months on condition that they are not convicted of a similar offence within the coming five years.

Despite the duo’s spirited denial, prosecutor Idah Maromo led overwhelmingly evidence leading to their conviction.

It was proved that on April 4 this year, Asher Dunken (24) was at her Epworth residence when a girl came with a letter threatening her and her son.

Dunken tried to follow the girl but she failed before advising her landlady, Kavara, about the issue but the latter was not bothered.

She later went into her house leaving her baby playing with Kavara’s child.

That evening, at around 6pm, Kavara informed Dunken that she was taking out Gatawa who had visited but when she came to fetch her child some minutes later, the baby was missing.

Efforts to find the baby were in vain.

The court also heard that Dunken consulted a self-styled prophetess who told her that the child had been kidnapped by someone close to her.

On returning home, Dunken received any anonymous call from someone who said they had the child demanding a US$600 ransom.

The caller threatening to disappear with the child to South Africa if Dunken failed to pay the ransom.

Dunken was told to hand over the money to someone she trusted and that person would pass it to the kidnappers.

The woman failed to report the case to the police when she could not get transport while Kavara offered to help.

Kavhara later called Dunken indicating that she had met the kidnappers who had also kidnapped her demanding US$400.

After her ‘release’ Kavara collected the ransom from Dunken who gave her US$420.

Moments later, Kavara came back with the child.

Police investigations later revealed that Kavara and Gatawa had connived to kidnap the child.

Investigations also unearthed WhatsApp messages from Kavara to Gatawa who was demanding US$100 more for a job well done.

Kavara was also discovered with US$300 leading to the duo’s arrest.

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